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David’s Dare

Book number 5 is by Suprina Frazier!


Anastasia Moretti ran away from one bad situation only to free fall into another. Yikes! Now this witty mafia princess has to find a way to permanently sever corrupt family ties and establish a new life for herself among the mountains of Idaho. If only that new life didn't bring her face-to-face with racists, incels, and others who dwell in the dark underbelly of society. Among the Woodsman brothers, he carried the name David...though he was built more like Goliath. He specialized in keeping people and their things safe. And he did it well. Will David be able to keep Anastasia safe from danger both near and far? And does he dare fall in love with her in the process.


“Thanks! You ready for your tour?” David mustered up another smile just for her.

“Absolutely!” She smiled even brighter than before. “First and foremost, where is your room? Upstairs or downstairs?”

David’s frown returned, yet for another reason. Although he preferred Anastasia running hot for him versus running cold, he didn’t dare rush into anything with anyone. Not without God’s express approval. His feelings and body may eventually get to vote, but they would never have the final word on the matter.

“The master suite is downstairs. Why do you ask?” he finally said evenly.

“Just wanted to know in case of an emergency,” she explained. “Those Benedicts seemed pretty angry. I don’t trust anyone with that much hatred in their hearts, especially racists. Wish they’d all just go to hell!”

David shook his head. “Don’t say that, Anastasia. God loves even them.”

Her eyes bucked. “Are you actually defending them? You, a Black man who is probably on their Top Ten list of people to hate?”

He shook his head again. “I could never defend their despicable behavior. However, I can try to understand them. See, at the root of racism is fear, which means they fear people like me more than they hate us. In fact, they hate us because of their fear.”

“Hmm…” She looked reflective. “I’m starting to see your point. I have more than a few racists on my mother’s side, some of whom are judges, police officers, and other public servants, and they are constantly fed a steady diet of fear to fuel their anger. From the radio and television stations they tune in to, all the way to the internet sites they click on.

Everything is fear, fear, and more fear.”

“Exactly. Those who traffic in fear-mongering know how effective fear can be and how easy it is to manipulate people with it. Fear-mongering helps them to accomplish their main goal, which is to control others. The ironic thing is, those who sow the most fear are usually full of that very thing. That’s why almost everything that comes out of their mouths is fear based. They are simply spewing what’s in the abundance of their hearts.”

“And out of the abundance of the heart, the mouth speaks,” Anastasia said, quoting from the Bible.

David lifted a brow at that reference to Luke 6:45. “Let me guess, your father is a preacher too?”

“Oh no!” She adamantly shook her head and scowled. “He is far from that.” Ire heated her eyes to an almost violet-blue. “My mother was the saint, yet she died prematurely.

Meanwhile, all the devils in my family remained alive on both sides.”

Daddy issues alert, he noted silently, deducing one of the main root causes of her family drama.

“Life clearly is not fair,” David said. “I have no answer for why the good sometimes die so young. I wish I did, but I don’t. Tell you what, while you’re here, I’m happy to share my father with you. He’s about ten saints rolled into one multiplied by two angels and divided by three apostles.”

Anastasia burst out laughing. “I like you, David Woodsman

He grinned. “Likewise, Anastasia Moretti.”

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