Sunday Snippet-A Pendant’s Confession

I’ve not posted in a long, long time. I must stop that. This week I’m posting from my new release, A Pendant’s Confession. 

Serena froze when his mouth closed over hers. He coaxed her lips apart with his tongue. The second she opened he dived in, taking control of her mouth. He gave just as much as he took from her. She could taste the hard liquor he’d been drinking as his tongue slid across hers again. Spicy. Hard. What am I doing?


For witch Serena Evans, a simple night out with her girlfriends turns complicated when sexy, blast-from-the-past Rick Meyers shows up. She’s game for another night of passion, but she won’t give up the pendant she stole from him. She needs it to obtain full strength to her powers. Then mayhem ensues–Rick wants the pendant and so do the men his uncle sent after them. Serena has a choice to make, trust Rick or end up dead.

But can Serena open up to Rick before she loses her heart as well as her chance to be whole again?

You can get a copy from these places. Amazon, The Wild Rose Press, Barnes & Noble, Bookstrand

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