Short Satisfaction

 Unchained love
Short Satisfaction

    One thing I found most difficult when writing was coming up with the needed 65,000 words or more for a book, so when I first stumbled onto a novella I was excited.  30,000 to 40,000 words worked great for me and thus began my true love for writing.
    Since then, I have written a variety of novellas and recently that style has become very popular on Amazon.   The stories may lack in detail, but the story moves along quickly and I feel more satisfied getting the characters to their Happily Ever After moment as fast as possible.
    Not everyone likes that style of writing, but the fact that Barbour House sells thousands of 4 in 1 novella collections speaks for those of us who do like these shorter stories.  So in the future, readers may see more and more novella series being offered by groups of authors together as well as individually.
    I hope readers will take advantage of several of my novellas that can be found at Amazon.
    My favorite story to write was An Unchained Love…. It can be found on Kindle  as well as in print.
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Teresa Ives Lilly is author of over 13 novellas and novels