Sesame Street and Autism

Julia, new Sesame Street character with autism.

Julia, new Sesame Street character with autism.

Sesame Street and autism. My twins love Sesame Street, so we will be watching to see how they handle issues that come up for those of us with children on the spectrum. Think about it for a few moments.

This big company is coming out to help! Like saying, look, these children deserve to be treated the same.” They’ll be helping those understand this so much better. Praise God!

They just announced this yesterday. There may have been some squealing going on in my house when I read it. I’d heard rumors about it. I actually follow Autism Daddy, who is pretty big in the autism community. He came out and told us his name is Frank and works for Sesame Street, and that something was in the works. You hope and pray and sit there with baited breath to see if it is really going to happen. Well, it is.

It is called: Sesame Street and Autism…seeing amazing in all children.

I’ve been to the website and they have a lot to offer already. They have daily routine cards for kids, a storybook introducing the newest puppet, a song for our kiddos on the spectrum. Yes, you heard me right again!


Sesame Street and Autism

The routine cards if you click on one of the circles will go into a mini type story to show the kiddos the steps to do that particular thing. I’ll be sitting my twins down to do this and to also print them off. This is something that can easily be pulled up on a cell phone to go over before going into a store, if need be.

There’s a place for people to learn more about autism and videos with those on the spectrum. There are resources. Share this with everyone to get the word out.

Do you love that they’re adding a character on the spectrum? Do you think it will help to raise more awareness?

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