Revisions Can Be Scary–They Don’t Have To Be

Revisions Can Be Scary–They Don't Have To Be

Revisions Can Be Scary–They Don’t Have To Be

Those lovely revisions we all dread, or maybe that’s just me. SCARY! I can hear the groans from here from writers all over the world. You’ve written an amazing first draft, or so you think . You have the bones of a good book, but now you have to go back and make sure everything meshes together. This is where revisions come in.

You open the Word doc and want to scream because that amazing story sounds like crap as you read. Have no fear! It can be fixed. This is what revisions is all about before editing. This is where major parts will be changed. Huge chunks may have to me added or taken away. You know, the whole scene isn’t working right and the only thing that can be done is to remove it.

Hands shaking with what you know you have to do. Sweat on the forehead and sick feeling in your gut. Is this the right decision or not? All the second guessing. Yep, that happens in this stage. You will doubt yourself and why int he world did you think you could be an author. Oh, let me insert this funny scene from Mike and Molly.

I can’t stop laughing watching this scene. We have all been there. When doing revisions take a step back. I know this is your baby. Take a deep breath and go over the notes you’ve written, if you have. I’m a plotter, so I have my notes close by from my outline. I refer to them while writing a lot. Sure, characters may take us somewhere different than we planned, and that is ok if it fits the story.

Get in there deep with bones of the story and make it shine. Doing the hard and deep work during revisions will make the editing process so much easier.