Fifty Shades of Not

*Disclaimer a couple of the graphics have curse words but I felt it showed how he’s abusive so I left them in.*


Fifty Shades

This week a movie that has a big following will open in time for Valentine’s Day. I’m sure you know what I’m referring to. Fifty Shades of Grey. For me, it is more like Fifty Shades of Not. I’ll admit I read the books when I was writing in the same genre before switching. Except it didn’t take me long to put that down. To me it screamed emotional abuse. Half the time I wanted to smack Ana and say ‘what is wrong with you?’ The other half, I wanted to punch Christian for how he was with her. Ana with her saying he’s so hot about 500 times on one page. It is like, okay, come on…we get it you think he’s really hot. You don’t need to keep telling us this.


Fifty Shades

I’ve been reading romance novels since I was a pre-teen and to me this isn’t romance. He’s a stalker! He finds out everything about her, where she lives, where she works. For goodness sakes, he even buys the publishing house she gets a job with. What guy does that?  He reminds her more than one time that he can track her down. FREAKY!


Fifty Shades

I have tons of friends and even some family who have read it and loved it. I just didn’t. Like I said i got the vibe that this man is abusive. What someone does inside the bedroom is between that person, their spouse and God. Many in the BDSM community have come out against the movie saying that this isn’t how they do things. They’ve called it abuse of power as well. Again, I’m not judging those in these relationships at all, this is between them their spouse and God, like I said above.

Would those who love this book want their daughters in a relationship like this?  Ana says a lot that she needs space. He’s too much and comes on too strong. Honey, that’s your gut instinct telling you to get out. I know for a fact, if my daughters brought home a man like Christian mama bear would come out fast.


Fifty Shades

This was a fan fiction before it turned into what it is now. Do you know which one? Twilight. That was written for pre-teens and teens. I have one of each and no way in heck would I want them reading 50 Shades because they found out it was at one time a fan fiction of Twilight. That’s something that bothers me a lot about this book. My daughters have read some fan fictions of Twilight and I thank God they never came across this one.


Fifty Shades

Onto my last point…the actors who played Christian and Ana are both uncomfortable with the roles they played.  Between awkward sighs, eye-rolling about with an air of contention, including Dakota Johnson’s own admission she wishes people won’t see the film.

This movie gives a wrong message about abuse that is romantic and all and it’s not.