Faleena Hopkins Trademarks Common Word

I debated even writing on this because I don’t write in the same genre as this woman. That all changed on Friday when it did affect me. I don’t know if your aware of an author named, Faleena Hopkins  who’s trademarked the word cocky. A word mind you that has been around for years.

There’s a major uproar over this in the romance genre. Personally, I think this is crazy! How in the world can someone trademark a word that’s been around longer than she’s been alive? I get that she’s trying to protect her brand. This is what she said on Twitter about it when it got out.

“It’s a brand,” she wrote. “And everyone who wants to can keep their books, rankings, reviews and their money by retitling which takes one day.

Which, bless her I don’t think she understands very well how the publishing market works. Yes, maybe it would take a day to fix if your self-published. But even then, you have to have it done by your cover artist and it would more than likely cost you more money to fix. It’s like she has no regard for the work that other authors have put into their books. If it is with a publisher, well, that takes even more time and more money.

Now, like I said at the start of this blog it now affects me and some other authors that I know. We don’t even write in the erotic genre. Of course, there will be those who do and it affects them, too. I bet you’re wondering how. Reviews. Yes, you read that correctly. She is making Amazon take down any reviews with the word cocky used in it by a reviewer. I’m going to be most were used as an adjective. I’ve had reviews for my books taken down because one of my hero’s was referred to as cocky. Really? This is crazy and going way too far. It has nothing to do with her brand. I write sweet and Christian fiction!

I don’t wish her any ill will at all. I don’t agree with her. She’s left a bad taste in my mouth. She’s trying to play the victim when she’s the one that started this. Plus calling her readers stupid. That’s not something you do to your readers. It’s rude and mean!

I hope and pray she comes to her senses.  I feel for her. I do. It has to be hard to face tons of criticism and even threats. That’s not something that should happen no matter what she did. I pray God convicts her and this can be used for His glory in some way or another.