Excerpt Tuesday–M.H. Johnson

 This week on Excerpt Tuesday, M.H. Johnson is here sharing about her newest release, Breaking Free From Me.

Excerpt Tuesday–M.H. Johnson


After dinner, Jacqueline and her crew headed to the club. From the moment she walked in, it was lights, camera, and action. Jacqueline was the center of attention, and she reveled in it. She forgot all about her issues with every complimentary drink she took. As the night went on, Jacqueline continued to drink, and the more she drank, the more obnoxious she got. She started making fun of other people at the club. She quickly pointed out those unfortunate souls who would be caught dead with last year’s designer purse. Spice, who had grown up much of his life without so much as a pot to piss in became angrier and angrier at Jacqueline’s insensitivity. Even though Spice was a designer, he was not a flashy person. He lived in a small apartment and took pleasures in simple things, like reading a newspaper and drinking a cup of coffee, rather than the shallow attention from paparazzi and camera lenses. Spice couldn’t take it anymore.

“Jackie, you need to get yourself together! Why are you acting like this? Oh, I know why. It’s because you’re drunk!”

As Spice tried to take the vodka out of her hand, Jacqueline slapped him across the face. “What’s your problem Spice? I’m just having a little fun. If you don’t like how I’m acting, be my guest and exit left.”

Spice stood at the VIP section in shock, “You know what Jackie, I feel sorry for you. You have everything, but you’re throwing it all away. I’m not going to stand by and watch you drink yourself to death. And Lena, are you just gonna sit there and watch Jackie embarrass herself? What kind of friend are you?”

Lena preoccupied by her own buzz clumsily replied, “Who do you think you are talking to Spice? Jacqueline’s right. You’re welcome to leave at any time. Besides, what harm is a little drink gonna do?”

“You’re delusional Lena. I’m outta here.”

Spice signaled for the first cab he saw, and went straight home, hoping to eradicate the night’s events from his mind.

Excerpt from Chapter Two – Breaking Free From Me

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Breaking Free From Me – Synopsis

“A person without self-control is like a house with its doors and windows knocked out.” Proverbs 25:28 MSG

Excerpt Tuesday– M.H. Johnson

From the outside looking in, Jacqueline Devereaux had it all. Groomed to be a singer from the age of ten, she took the music world by storm. Cars, houses, clothes and anything else money could buy were at her disposal. Yet when a secret is revealed, Jacqueline comes to a fork in the road and her money and fame are not compensation enough to handle the aftermath. Plagued by the consequences of reckless behavior, Jacqueline’s life takes a devastating turn. As she deals with the results of her impulsive actions, Jacqueline will come face to face with the decisions she has made. Will she learn from her mistakes and change her destructive ways? Turn the page to discover if Jacqueline will transform her life, deny her fleshly desires and start anew.  Only time will tell if she will exercise self-control and finally learn an important lesson in breaking free from me.

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About the Author

Excerpt Tuesday – M.H. Johnson

Margaret H. Johnson is a Christian Author and Inspirational Speaker. It was through a debilitating illness that left her confined to a wheelchair that she discovered her purpose. She is the author of five books and her calling is to encourage others that the obstacles and roadblocks in life are often the same catalysts that God uses to propel us into our destiny. She received her Master’s Degree in Religion and Biblical Studies from Liberty University in 2013. Margaret finds great joy in ministering at various retreats, conferences and the like with the hope of sharing the message of Jesus Christ. Margaret enjoys blogging at mhjohnsonblog.com and she lives by the mantra – Be Real. Be Authentic. Be You. Margaret currently resides in North Carolina with her husband Corey and their three sons – Jamaal, Jamison, and Javon.

You can visit M. H. Johnson at her website.