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This week on Excerpt Tuesday, Kittye Sharron is here sharing about her books., Secrets & Charades




Kittye Sharron shares more than her hairstyle…she shares her true story which will boggle your mind! A rocky journey strewn with despair, fear hopelessness, depression, pain and misery, and how her persistence saved her life. The medical profession has recently discovered a rare mutated gene. Turns out she’s one in a million! And who else? Over 21 different doctors concluded her “preposterous” symptoms were ALL IN HER HEAD!

“I was so hot that I slept in a bathtub full of cold water, every night, for 6 ½ years. In the middle of winter I sat outside on the doorstep wearing only a sleeveless top and Bermuda shorts. I watched the snow melt as it fell on my bare skin.”

And, that was only the beginning…

(Foreword by: Mary C. Mobley, Med, MS, CGC) “Kittye’s story is an important one to tell. Without her resilience and determination, an entire family and its future generations may never have known about the rare condition for which they are at risk.”

There is an entire chapter devoted to her hairstyle with helpful tips and pictures. Furthermore, this author features a how-to-do-it-yourself video on her YouTube channel showing how to achieve the look, as well as, to advertise her book. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=rAEKi3GgfsQ  (OR can be found @: You Tube then search for Kittye Sharron.) The video can also be viewed on her Word Press website@: https://wordpress.com/types/jetpack-testimonial/kittyesharron.com and, readers can “follow her books” @: http://www.kittyesharron.com . In addition, she has a Facebook author page @: www.facebook.com/KittyeSharron .


Published a year ago, was her first book in the series titled, “THE LONGEST LETTER: INCREDIBLE HOPE”. Available in both eBook and paperback, the ordering link is: https://www.amazon.com/dp/B01BHGW2OW. This book is a lifeline for victims of childhood sexual abuse. The Prologue has a Disclaimer because that section contains very graphic, mature content about a little 8 year old girl being sexually molested. (That was Kittye Sharron’s personal story; one in which she kept to herself for 45+ years. It wasn’t until physical pain began to present itself she chose to reveal the horrific events. The only way in which she could find the words was to become, Amy Kayleen.) Thirty-five years later, the development of her faith emerged while trying to help a wayward relative.


The letter began with the salutation, “Dear Mama.” It was an answer to a cry for help from a loving grandmother, Mama, whose granddaughter was in trouble, again! Mama was the only mother Sarah Lane had ever known. It prompted Amy Kayleen’s attempt to rescue Sarah Lane from a dark world whose victims rarely escape; a life on the streets filled with crime, prostitution and drugs, maybe even murder!

Her discoveries reveal a concrete jungle which captures young, unsuspecting victims. It erodes their cognitive awareness so that they cannot retain core, family values. They often find themselves in more turmoil, running from life itself!



Inspirational and Motivational: Author, KITTYE SHARRON, pictured below, is retired. She and her husband reside in Muskegon, Michigan. She has made it her mission in life to continue researching the rare genetic mutation which she and her extended family are at risk. Her goal is to reach an audience for whom hope is difficult to grasp because something, or someone they love and care for, is sucking the very life out of them! Her aim is to provide clarity and personal solutions toward victory.