Break and Life

I’m back after a small break. Let’s face it, sometimes while blogging you’ve got to take a break. No matter how big or small it might be. For me, it was for personal reasons. With having children with special needs there are times you’ve got to pull in and concentrate on those issues and let other things fall to the way side. Moving also will do that as well. Life happens!

That’s what has happened to me. Thankfully, things have calmed down a bit and I can start blogging again and getting back to a “normal” writing schedule again. I really don’t have a normal one. I make sure mine is flexible. It has to be with kiddos with autism.

You know…God uses these times to bring a family together. Or at least in my case. You have to lean on Him. There’s no other way around it. Is it easy? Uh. No! It’s crazy, and messy and not so fun at times. It’s life.

Let’s just say aggression and autism sucks! Puberty is here and has been for awhile with the twins and it just purely sucks, sometimes. I won’t sugar coat it. So many don’t talk about that side of this. It needs to be. Families need to know their not alone. LISTEN TO ME. YOU’RE NOT ALONE! The aggression behavior doesn’t last forever. It does get better.

Scream, yell and cry to God with how you feel and everything. He knows. I won’t be ashamed to say, I’ve told Him off. Let it out! God is faithful.