A Pendant’s Confession Excerpt

“What the hell did you do to me back there?” The words came out with an edge to them.

“Nothing. You blacked out for a moment, so I took you outside for some fresh air.” He turned and caught the pissed off look on her face. Great, this is all he needed. No. Get in and get the pendant by any means. Who cares if you upset her? Except he did care. Damn it.

“I’ve never blacked out. Did you put something in my drink?” She crossed her arms and narrowed her gaze. If she could, she’d put his balls in a device and squeeze, to torture him for some unknown reason.

He ran a hand down his face. Shit. She was onto him. This was not good. “No, crazy woman. Why would you think that I put something in your drink?”

“Who knows with you? I’m leaving because I know you did something.” She spun on her heels and headed down the dark alley without wasting any time. Didn’t the crazy woman know anything about the scary things that lurked in the night? Things that legends and horror stories were made of? Hell, some of those scary things would make those stories look like nursery rhymes. “I’m not going to let you walk home alone in the dark this late at night. It’s not safe.”

She stopped, then turned and jabbed a finger into his chest. “I don’t know who you think you are, but you’re not the boss of me.”

Taking a step forward, he backed her against the brick wall. He placed his hands on either side of her head, blocking her in. Rick heard her take a ragged breath as her gaze slid to his lips. He leaned in, brushing his lips against hers, and all reasoning of why he needed to get the pendant back fled.